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About Us

V is the owner, license and qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Clinician. She was born in Vietnam and her family was not rich. As a girl her job was to “take care” of the family and help provide an education for her Brothers. She started working at a very early age and so had no time for an education herself. For her the “School of Life” became her educator and she learnt very well. She learnt responsibility straight away, had her first business at 8 years old and quickly realised that her role would be “providing service to others”. She was/is a smart girl and so she realised that people would come back to her if she provided a higher quality, and better, service than anyone else.She has dedicated herself to helping people and always a doing the best job that she possibly can. She has never been comfortable with accepting other peoples limitations and prefers to strive for excellence in everything she does.She got started in the “Beauty Industry” when she was 15 years old, by learning how to do Nails. She quickly expanded into Hair Care, Massage and Cosmetics.Her dedication to excellence in everything she did quickly created a successful following of people who were glad to recommend her to others.This resulted in her working initially as an employee, later as “self employed” and then, as her business grew, as an employer.

She has never been happy with only providing “Normal Services”. She has always attempted to find newer, better and more “AweSome” ways of doing things. This was how she came to be known by that name AweSome V. Her work was AweSome, her service was AweSome, her care was AweSome, all of her Staff were AweSome and so indeed … she was AweSome. Anyone who meets her quickly appreciates her “genuineness”. All of her businesses, that she has ever been involved with, have always grown by word of mouth referrals. She has always dedicated herself to providing the best products, techniques, service and training that she possibly can. She is never satisfied with what she can do but is constantly striving for excellence and ways to improve. This is why people appreciate her, her genuineness and have no hesitation in recommending her to others. She first became qualified in Cosmetic Tattoo when she was in Vietnam. She had her own lips, eyeliner and eyebrows done when she was 18 (they did not require re-newing until 20 years later). She has always loved how this service can provide so much enjoyment to people for so long. Come and talk with V. She always wants to talk with anyone first, before having any Tattooing done. She can discuss with you everything about the service and explain exactly what is involved. If there are any concerns, unique requirements or anything at all she can accommodate you.